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Koshi is a multidisciplinary piece combining martial arts, circus arts, physical theatre, and breakdance, with comedy and live sound effects. Koshi is a collaborative effort between Manu Cyr, WD40, Danielle Hubbard, and Jason Levine. Koshi is inspired by classic kung-fu movies of China. Koshi stands out from others shows in two ways. The first is Jason Levine's sonic presence. Jason tells the story, does the voiceovers for every character, all the while improvising lightning fast sound effects to the movements of the dancers. The second is the colorful movement quality of Manu Cyr, Danielle Hubbard, and Forty Nguyen. Manu comes from a circus background, Forty comes from a breakdancing background, and Danielle comes from a Ballet background. All three have studied, or are currently studying contemporary choreography. Their common ground is acrobatics. The result is a dazzling martial arts choreography like no other.